October 17, 2016

Taking the necessary steps to pre-game your pre-workout regime can make the difference between an OK workout and an incredible one.  The importance of choosing a great partner in crime with your organic pre workout powder from Organic Bloom Max is quite high.  Make sure your superhero superfood blend has a great backup to enhance your organic weight loss.  What kind of 2nd drinks should you pair up with?  Water, soda, Gatorade?  Nay, juice is in your future and should be a part of your consistent pre-workout regime.

Ginger Lemonade is a great asset to have on your team.  Typically, after most workouts, and with the boost of Organic Bloom Max products, most people are extremely sore.  Help take out thepost-workout soreness with a bit of ginger.  At Organic Bloom Max, we recommend a mix with some lemonade.  Tastes great and extremely effective. 

Cherry and Cranberry Juice, taken regularly can help boost overall performance.  Many athletes drink cherry and cranberry juice each day in preparation of an event.  The endurance factor is the major focal point.  We aren’t recommending slamming a quart of each the day before, but a cup a day of each is more realistic.  Additionally, the juices can not only boost your endurance, but can also help ease inflammation.  Same as our ginger lemonade above.  Easing the pain can help get a quicker start the next day.

Regardless, whether or not you choose to lemonade up your life or cherry your center, make sure you do one.  Enhancing your workout is important, and lets be honest, you are already putting in the hard work yourself!  Don’t forget to ensure a quality superfood blend with the best shaker bottles on the planet.  No one likes a chunky pre workout drink.