August 16, 2016

Green Juice plus Protein has many beneficial ingredients to help maintain our happy and healthy lives. With our green juice having over 20 vitamins and minerals, you know it's there to give you the nutritious boost you need.

However, there is definitely a science to why we put what we do into our Green Juice. Everything has a powerful additive which puts our juice above the rest. More specifically, though we want to focus on a super ingredient in our super juice.

The Moringa leaf is one of many special ingredients in our superfood concoction. This powerful plant has been used for many centuries as a holistic type of medicine. The leaf has been previously known as an antibiotic, treatment for liver disorders, and inflammation. Now we know that it contains tons of nutrients we need at all times. Adding this to our Green Juice plus Protein gives it its superior edge.

Benefits of the Moringa Leaf

Over 80 nutrients
Over 40 antioxidants
Maintains health
Contains many daily vitamins such as A, B6, and C
Increases metabolism
Known to help with maintaining healthy hair and skin


The Moringa leaf is full of many things to fuel the body- from great hair and skin to a great source of vitamins. Including this ingredient in with all the others such as organic maca, organic spirulina, organic beet root, and all the others made it organic bloom material. Not only does it contain a stellar list of components, it is also:


Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Soy Free

Our Green Juice plus Protein is great for anyone because of the care and time we took to make sure we didn't include a lot of common allergens. Adding the Moringa leaf makes it all the more powerful. Our superfood drink was designed with our consumers in mind to start or continue a joyful and healthy lifestyle. Check out our Green Juice today from Organic Bloom Max!