Our Story

As founder of Organic Bloom Max, I appreciate the time you've dedicated to visiting and browsing our website. Our intention and mission of developing the best diet supplements and superfood blends stems from my own personal family history and the role nutrition plays for all of us. 

When my dad was diagnosed with stage four cancer, it was only natural for us, his family, to want to help him fight his disease and to ultimately defeat the cancer. After watching him suffer from debilitating chemotherapy treatments that left him with no energy, I turned my attention to developing a food blend that he would not only enjoy, but restore his energy levels. 

Getting him to eat was a challenge. Not only did the treatments cause him to have a decrease in appetite, he also had no interest in eating anything that didn't taste good. Though understandable, this had an additional detrimental effect on his health. Our search for a nutritional supplement that not only tasted delicious, but contained only organic ingredients, proved difficult and frustrating. Which is why I created Organic Bloom Max. 

With a focus on ingredients that are organic, gluten free, Non-GMO, raw and vegan for an increased natural levels of energy, healthy weight loss and wellness. I began to research and test a variety of organic superfood blends that would help my father regain his health, protect him from further illness and taste enable him to enjoy food again. 

Through these efforts, Organic Bloom Max was born. With an inherent desire to help others, I decided that this is the difference I could deliver to the world. Our team's hard work is always focused on developing the finest superfood powder blends and nutritional supplements made from whole foods.

From our Green Juice plus Protein superfood blend to energy, wellness, weight loss products and protein supplements, every one of our products is guaranteed to contain no added sugars, preservatives or fillers. 

You have my personal promise that any ingredient that goes into an Organic Bloom Max product is of the highest quality, and is there to make a difference in your health and well-being; helping you reach your health and fitness goals and live a healthier and active lifestyle.

With sincere thanks, 

Milton Harrison 

Founder of Organic Bloom Max